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Trading services

Import & Export Trade Services​



Import services


  • Signing purchase & sales contracts with domestic and overseas enterprises

  • Making out value added tax invoices

  • Payment Collection 

  • Opening L/C

  • Providing part of credit line

  • Profit clearing and return

  • Cargo clearance

  • Inspection application 

  • Cargo inspection

  • Tax payment

  • Tax verification

  • Release

  • Cargo pickup and cargo dispatch

  • International cargo transportation.


Export services


  • Signing purchase & sales contracts with domestic enterprises on behalf of individuals and foreign merchants

  • Signing foreign trade contracts with foreign merchants

  • L/C receiving, overriding, discounting and auditing

  • Provision of some capital and T/T clearing

  • Cargo booking and international transportation arrangement

  • Customs clearance

  • Inspection application

  • Inspection

  • Tax payment

  • Release

  • Lading 

  • Issuing bills of lading

  • Providing pickup documents to foreign enterprises

  • Final clearing.


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