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Market penetration

Greencompass assist you in importing your products into China and gaining access to sales channels neccessary ​to penetrate the market, whether it is gettting your products on shelf or on active website sales channels.


Online promotion services


  • Overseas brand and commodity surveys in the Chinese market. 

  • Feasibility study

  • Brand and trademark registration

  • Promotional plan-

  • Online store promotion

  • Online logistics management promotion

  • Sales promotion organization and evaluation

  • Optimal online marketing mix

  • Promotion at Chinese production bases


Offline wholesale channel services


  • Wholesale channel exploration

  • Wholesale channel negotiation

  • Channel sales and price policies

  • Wholesale channel investment planning and budgeting 

  • Wholesale channel management and service


Retail promotion


  • Terminal channel selection

  • Terminal channel negotiation

  • Terminal channel operation mode design

  • Retail store promotion plan

  • Promotion

  • Site management of commodities and logistics support

  • Customer relation management

  • Media relation maintenance

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