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Greencompass has been involved in a number of large scale projects, with main focus on European companies exporting products from China to the European market. Here are just few examples...

High volume projects


Loyalty program projects are projects with a very short lead time and high number of products.  In these circumstances the importance of correct timing and right quality becomes more important than ever. Greencompass has successfully delivered several projects, here are just a couple of examples.

Luggage program

In 2012 over 140 containers were delivered with the lead time of 8 weeks. Greencompass worked closely with factory and buyer to manage the complicated logistics for the operation. Greencompass team monitored the quality and worked with factory to improve processes in order to delivery the right quality in each delivery.    

Porcelain project

Greencompass managed the logistics and quality control for this large scale project which contained 10 different SKU’s and delivered over 40 containers of porcelain products. This project posed numerous challenges due to large amount of SKU's, short timing and the importance of quality for a sensitive product. Greencompass succesfully worked as an intermediate between buyer and producer, ensuring quality, on time delivery and successful delivery of the project.

Other value adding projects

Greencompass has delivered numerous value adding projects to clients...


- Price negotiations

Greencompass team has solid experience in negotiations with Chinese suppliers and has achieved considerable cost savings for clients.


- Payment terms improvements

Through excellent connection and trust with suppliers have consistently been able to negotiate better payment terms with our key suppliers.


- Packaging and printing optimization

The cost of packaging and printing, including design and translation is a considerable part of the product cost. Greencompass is able to offer solutions to reduce this cost in various ways, please ask us for details.

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