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Our history...

Founding and Development

Founded by a team led by Ms. Wang Yanan in 2002, Greencompass is a professional supply chain service company engaged in commodity purchase service, marketing service and import & export trade between China and European countries. 


Greencompass was founded with the aim of creating a platform for China-Europe patent application, transfer and consultation as well as China-Europe high-tech project introduction and transfer consultation. As the exclusive partner of Ruhr-IP Law Firm, Germany in China, the company has successfully brought the settlement of foreign bio-fuel projects in western China. 


In 2010, Greencompass became the Asian supply service center of Studio Moderna, Europe's largest multi-channel direct sale company serving 400 million consumers in 23 European countries. Greencompass offers Studio Moderna strategic services such as product R & D, category optimization, trade negotiation, contract management, direct purchase, quality control, standard and process management, supply chain service and personnel training. Through the successful cooperation with Studio Moderna, Greencompass has achieved strategic transformation.


In 2013, Greencompass began to tap resources in markets like Europe countries and the USA, and launched the pilot strategy for channel marketing of overseas brands in China and the strategy of terminal marketing integrating online and offline marketing. Greencompass is working on strategic upgrading after 12 years of development.





Greencompass’ trade volume soared from 3 million US dollars in 2011 to 80 million US dollars in 2014, with a compound annual growth rate of 447 percent. And its annual order quantity has surged from over 100 orders to over 7,000 orders. In 2014, Greencompass registered a per-capita trade volume of 4 million US dollars, thus becoming an efficient example in the industry.

Performance & fast growth

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