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Product testing and certifications


Greencompass works closely with internationally recognized partners for product testing and reliable certification. All products undergo testing and certification necessary for EU market.




Current partners:








Report Example:

Quality Control

A dedicated quality team carries out professional quality control according to internationally accepted standards. The focus is on preventive action in close cooperation with suppliers internal quality team.

Quality Control


a) First Batch Inspection

to correct mistakes in the beginning stages of production

• Check carefully materials and components for quality and consistency

• Closely check batch compared to approved sample and customer specifications and requirements.

• Work with factory to make adjustments in production process to avoid problems in final delivery.

• Monitor factory in-house QC policy and management


b) Pre-Shipment Inspection

provides a clear depiction of the state of the order before shipment, after 80-100% of production is finished a sample is drawn according to AQL standards.

• Product appearance and workmanship.

• Weight and dimensions measurements

• Labeling and bar codes

• Quantities of product completed

• Packaging and packing including shipping marks


c) Intensive supplier monitoring

- For particularly important orders, an inspector is placed on site at factory and monitors production process on a daily basis and works closely with internal quality team to improve quality of production. This quality control works well for orders with high volume and limited time frame.



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