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Logistics in China, present a number of challenges. Getting the product in time to the market is crucial and delays can be costly.Greencompass makes this easier to monitor this process by strict order follow up in direct contact with both supplier and forwarder. Our logistics department will monitor deliveries to anticipate problems and find solutions for problems that may delay the delivery. This greatly improves on time deliveries of our clients.​

Order monitoring



Our logistics team monitors the status of production at factory to anticipate possible delays at an early stage. Furthermore our team makes sure all documents are provided in time, and all bookings are made with accurate information. 

Order consolidation


Combining less than container quantity orders into one container can save on shipping cost and improve efficiency. Our logistics takes care of this process, organizing loading and container booking.

24 Hour hotline


We realize some orders are crucial and timing is extremely important to our clients therefore we are reachable 24hours through emergency number, always ready to act immediately to urgent request.

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